Bleed for your craft. Discover your purpose.

How are we expected to understand our clients if we don’t even understand ourselves?

As creators, we’re often taught to narrow down our niche, to empathise with customer pain points, to raise our prices without feeling guilty. But that’s difficult if we haven’t taken the time to define our purpose.

When we have a clear sense of who we are and what we stand for, we develop self-belief, gain clarity in direction and begin appreciating what makes us different. We begin to acknowledge just how valuable we are.

Cohort invites you to discover your uniqueness and teaches you how to exploit it in the service of others.

Creative Cohort

A five-week interactive course and mentorship program

Hands-on, practical workshops will help you to develop your personal brand and find your identity within the creative industry.

One-on-one mentoring will give you the chance to learn directly from those who have built their own successful careers and businesses in the creative world.

Challenge yourself

Explore what drives you and ignites your passion, then put it into words. A succinct personal mission statement will help to define not just the type of work you do but the way you go about it. Attracting the right clients starts with making a clear statement about why you do what you do.

Meet your audience

Get to know the people you need to speak to if you want to push your career forwards. Your audience is made up of many stakeholders from clients to collaborators to the market itself. Discover how you can solve the problems your audience is facing and how to present your personal brand to make meaningful connections.

Build your brand

Your personal brand is just as important as any of the brands you work with. Find your point of difference, identify the attributes of yourself and your work that clients will fall in love with. Learn how to articulate your story and your value through a visual and written style so you can build a website or social presence that will attract the right attention.

Make connections

Connections are about quality not quantity. Target the right relationships and consider the journey those connections and customers take when they interact with you professionally. Find where there is room for improvement and get your priorities straight so you can expand your network and client base the right way.

Find your voice

Communication isn't about learning a script. Conversations are a two way street, and being a good listener is just as important as speaking with empathy. Learn to present the right way to the right people. Make the most of opportunities in different situations and gain the confidence to communicate directly and assertively.

Cohort about

Meet Your Mentors

Direct support from two people who have had their fair share of both wins and losses

Nick and Francis have built multiple creative businesses from the ground up. They've done all the failing for you, learnt the lessons, and can help you navigate a few of the bigger steps needed to turn your passion into your profession.

They've worked with hundreds of clients providing visual design, video production, digital, brand and business strategy over a span of 20 years. Between them they've won awards and worked with clients like the NBA, AFL, NAB, ThoughtWorks, Oxfam and the University of Melbourne. More importantly, they have been mentoring and collaborating with other creatives for over a decade. Their combined experience has helped them understand the key to having a creative career that brings both financial stability and a sense of purpose that brings meaning to your life.


Gabby web

“It can be difficult to get cohesive and intimate guidance as a creative - being among a small group allowed for meaningful development of our ideas and processes. The mentoring aspect helped articulate the journey from point A to point B, and the genuine and thoughtful attention to this development was reassuring and motivating.”

Gabby - Writer
Beth web

“As a creative, balancing business as well as your artistic practice is tricky, particularly when creatives tend to be isolated. Cohort enabled me to communicate, discuss and prioritise all the concepts and strategies which were half baked in my head. It is a way to test and measure strategy and evolve “the art of being a creative business”

Beth - Underwater Photographer
Eli web

“Despite all the planning in the world, it wasn't until I got some serious mentoring through Cohort that I really began to understand how to position my creative business. It's one thing to know your craft, but another to know how to position your business to attract clients who value what you do. Being able to share ideas with peers and hear from mentors is invaluable."

Eli - Video Producer

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