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We're a global community of creatives who understand the effects of isolation and the power of relationships.

We exist to help you connect with industry experts, as well as inexperienced creatives who all share a goal of making creative expression a lifestyle, not just a career. This is a space to be yourself, receive support and give back without expectation, making the creators journey feel warm and fuzzy instead of lonely and terrifying.

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Keep in touch with a Slack full of creative goodness. Maybe you want professional advice, some feedback on your work, someone to collaborate with or simply want to express yourself with stupid gifs… There’s probably a channel for it.


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Workshops & discussions

Whether you're building a creative career or having an identity crisis, our interactive events prioritise personal growth and explore professional identity.

- Mental health discussions
- Creative feedback sessions
- Productivity support groups
- Friday hangouts
- Skill-based workshops

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Personal mentoring

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Lets get you moving

One-on-one sessions with industry experts. Get a sounding board for all your wild ideas and guidance that comes from tangible experience.

  • How to not suck as a freelancer
  • Ask for more money without freaking out
  • Present your work the right way
  • Overcome a fearful or negative mindset
  • Define your personal brand and positioning
  • Embrace your strengths and weaknesses
Liv Testimonail

“The Framework community ignites my creativity!

Being surrounded by so many talented and inquisitive creatives just keeps me on track."

Olivia Rinato
Learning Designer
Natalie Testimonail

“So much knowledge, innovative thinking and creativity.

They're always ready to help you solve a problem and look at things from a new perspective. I'm really glad I found them!"

Natalie Ellis
Josh Testimonail

“Framework is more like a family than an online community…

Minus the creepy uncles and tiger mums. 0% bullshit, 100% vibe, 10% maths equations."

Josh Leeman
Graphic Designer
Sam Testimonail

“Framework has been the foundation of my social & professional network

The online Framework community has been a source of strength, support and social interaction. It’s more than the sum of its parts - it’s a home to all who come."

Sam Roberts
allo allo


Kim Nico


Experience, passion and a beautiful bald man-child. Kim Gardner and Nico Bernardi have been instrumental in building our eco-system, proactively supporting creative cookies like yourself. They're here as your hosts, your guides and the friendly slap in the face you need to propel yourself into your version of success.

With the extra support of creative mentors Nick Parker and Francis Nicholls-Wunder, this rare combination of care, motivation, vision and business smarts provides the community with over three decades worth of expertise and knowledge.

Prepare to be heard, understood and challenged. Nico may also occasionally attempt to hug you through the camera. Sorry, not sorry.

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