Creators for more purpose driven brands.

Work with creatives who care about your mission. Because passion projects are the only projects worth doing.

A collective of creators that big agencies can’t tie down. We're not looking for ping pong tables and rooms full of beanbags to get our juices flowing, we’re driven by purpose and a relentless need to create change.

Framework Collective bridges the gap between creative expression and entrepreneurial endeavour, bringing creators with substance to brands with a purposeful mission. We’re here to challenge you to think bigger, so you have the courage to standup and leave a mark worth leaving.

If you have a respect for the creative process and you're hungry to create something meaningful, not just profitable, you're one of the rare ones and it's a pleasure to meet you.

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What we do

Brand Strategy & Consulting
Give your brand a reason for being
Your brand is your legacy. It's the story you tell, journey you take, the banner that unites you. Invite your audience to walk that journey with you and find the next steps for your business through a deep connection with your clients.
Mission & Positioning
Clarity around why your business exists and how it can succeed. Define your mission and position in the market so that you can stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Essential for building your team, briefing your creatives, and most importantly connecting with your customers.
Messaging & Culture
Build and nurture the personality and identity of your business or your specific campaign. The right language and tone to use both internally and externally so that you can build a strong and memorable culture. Define the way you want your company to be seen, heard and understood. Find your voice.
Ideation & Prioritisation
Be explorative and creative with eyes on the prize. Guided processes that help you think outside the box and generate unique ideas. Harness your passion and excitement with structures to make objective decisions on where to put your energy and resources so you can bring those ideas to life.
Visual Identity
Be proud of what you see in the mirror
Don't adhere to conventions, make your own mark. Build a visual identity that lets the world see the essence of your brand and the beauty of your mission. Give every piece of content the respect it deserves, and in turn gain the respect of an audience that is drawn to your purpose.
Logo & Identity Design
The brand mark that communicates the soul of your business. Connect with your audience and unite your team under a visual identity that tells a story and lights your way forward. A detailed style guide and suite of collateral to make sure your brand stays consistent and on point every time.
A unique illustrative style that embodies your brand's personality. Bring visuals to life and communicate complex messages in a concise and memorable way. Icons, characters and explainer visuals that breathe life and flavour into all of your content.
Graphic Design
First impressions that stop tracks and tell tales. Good graphic design should enhance, not distract. Direct focus, not create confusion. Make a strong brand statement with digital and printed pieces that leave a lasting impression.
Find the harmony of function and form
Immersive products and website that are built with a purpose in mind. Don't just show up to show off. Understand what your users want, what they need, and design an uplifting experience that will open their eyes and improve their lives.
User Interface Design
Design that commands attention. Draw your audience in with designs that make a strong impression and encourage interaction. Well considered and carefully constructed digital design that makes people stop, think, and take action.
User Experience Design
UX design so seamless you won't even notice it. The more intuitive a design for your users, the more effective it is for your business. Every element on every screen should have a purpose and work in harmony to empower and guide your users through a delightful experience.
Content & Copywriting
Say it right or don't say it at all. Bring your brand voice to messaging that will speak directly to your user, allowing them to fall in love with your brand and your products. Surround your words with visuals that your audience identifies with and aspires to.
Video & Photography
Share experiences and change perspectives
Create experiences that go beyond the glimpse of a single moment. Find the sights and sounds that combine to tell your story and deliver your message in a way that excites as much as it explains.
Live Action & Portraits
Capture the essence of your brand. End-to-end production with help nailing your narrative, scripting your video, and perfecting your pose for the camera. Professional headshots and artistic product photography to personalise your public persona.
Animated Video
Complex messages communicated simply and effectively. Command attention and enliven data and processes through the most engaging visual medium. Establish your own style and let the fluidity of animated movement captivate your audience.
Event Coverage
Capture the essence and sensations of your events. The words of your speakers, the atmosphere of your venue, and the energy of your attendees. Reach your audience wherever they are through the platforms where they are most comfortable.
Creative to the bone

The Talent


“My approach is driven by ideas, not trends”

Andy is about big picture thinking and attention to detail. Keeping it honest and pushing the boundaries. High standards and staying humble. Originality and flexibility. Stripping excessive information and cutting through the visual noise.

Andy Kuypers
Art Director
Carla Young

“People-pleasing is boring, passive and inauthentic”

Carla creates influential and provocative brand experiences by challenging people to make bold and unconventional statements that acknowledge current social tension.

Carla Young
Brand Designer

“I play lego with photos, unearthing the wonder in the everyday”

Josh creates alternate realities and surreal beings that challenge brands to think differently and challenge audiences to see the beauty and potential of the world around them.

Josh Dykgraaf
Photographic Illustrator
Adrian Cantelmi

“Understanding problems and motivations uncovers accessible ideas”

Adrian works not so much for his clients, but for their users. He uses design to make a real difference to real people, to solve problems rather than soothe egos.

Adrian Cantelmi
User Experience Designer

“It all begins with an idea and a story”

Nina is a lifestyle photographer with a focus on food, products and interior. She develops brand narratives that audiences relate to and fall in love with.

Nina Malling
Lifestyle Photographer

"I love creating worlds that are full of life"

A specialist in frame-by-frame animation that is highly energetic and brimming with colour. Jonathan is a multifaceted illustrator & animator with skills in design, direction, storyboard and visual development.

Jonathan Reyes
Illustrator & Animator
Dale Brander

“What a boring world it would be without stories”

Dale finds the stories within stories, helping brands pull back the curtain and invite their audience to be part of the conversation.

Dale Brander
Content Consultant

"Empathy is usually the answer"

An ideation and problem solving machine with a diverse set of creative and design skills. Jess loves collaborating with purpose driven clients but refuses to work on projects she isn't passionate about.

Jess Leondiou
Creative Director

"Strangers are just friends I haven't shot yet"

Nicola Bernardi in an award winning freelance portrait photographer from Italy. His work ranges from commercial to editorial, especially focusing on portraying artists of all trades of life.

Nico Bernard
Portrait Photographer

"If it doesn't scare you, it's been done before"

Nick strives for meaning and clarity. He brings a diverse repertoire of skills, experience and understanding to the creative projects he takes on and challenges his clients to break out of their comfort zone.

Nick Parker
Creative Director

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